Saturday, 12 April 2014

Vegetation, nanoparticles and related exposure

Trees play both negative and positive role in terms of pollution exposure to city dwellers. When these are planted along the roadsides where there are densely packed buildings around them, they trap the pollution by restricting the clearing of wind flow and pollution from vehicles. However, when these are put along the roadsides in non-built environment such as open busy roadsides they can do a great job to restrict the pollution to reach to footpath dwellers. One of our recent research articles, published recently in Atmospheric Environment, experimentally demonstrate their effectiveness and suggest a way forward for urban planners to limit pollution exposure of people living in urban areas. The full article titled as "The influence of roadside vegetation barriers on airborne nanoparticles and pedestrians exposure under varying wind conditions" can be accessed through the following link (online version) or its pre-print freely available version by clicking here.

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